U-10 Football Trial

Hello Parents, we have a very big opportunity for your kids to give a trial for a grass root football with Church Boys United Football Club. It is better for kids to feel free, run, play and learn something, rather then lying in floor with mobile phone. Invest for the better cause.

Date: Chaitra 12, 13, 2080BS, 25, 26 March 2024.

Venue: Church Ground, Velpa, Lalitpur

Kits Partner:

Ball Partner:

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Food Nutritionist:

Trial Description

This trial is for selected 128 players only. Day 1 will have all selected 128 will appear. Day 2 will have 64 players give trials and before closing final 18 will be chosen for the camp facility.

Round 1 will have 8 teams, 16 players in each team.

Round 2 will have 4 teams with 64 players

Round 3 will have 2 teams with 32 players,

Round 4 will have CBU U-10 team with 18 players.

In each team there will be 2GK, 5 Defenders, 4 Midfielders, and 4 Forward and 1 all rounder, totaling 16 players.

What is taught?

  1. Passing,
  2. Ball Control,
  3. Over Laps,
  4. Shooting,
  5. Saves,
  6. Ball Keeping,
  7. Defending,
  8. Counter attack,
  9. Fair Play,
  10. Respect,
  11. Discipline,
  12. Food.


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