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Here is a brief story of our success

Our first Gold Cup win was from Adarsha Gold Cup Budhabare in Jhapa.

It was a great experience for the club and the players. During the final match, Sanjib Budhathoki collapsed with opponent player and he was unconscious and taken to hospital. Krishna Chaudhary saved the difficult ball. Sushil Shah, Tej Tamang, Niraj Basnet, Arun Shrestha, Dev Kurumbang, Bishal Yonjan, Susan Rai, Ramesh Limbu, Ramesh Thapa, Raj Kumar Limbu, Dinesh Karki, Suren Gurung, Sangeet Panchkoti, were there and we miss them greatly. Foreign players were Yona Elios from Tanzania and Victor from Nigeria who scored the lone goal that made us winner.

Cash was 50k Rupees but we felt like we had 50 million smiles. This was the beginning of the never ending journey of Church Boys United. Today we have won 20 Gold and 30 Silver Cups. We miss each and every player for their outstanding performance throughout Church Boys History. Today, in 2023, we are in the first division and become champion and we give all the glory to God.

In Church Boys United, no one is stranger, but a family.
Forever Church Boys United
A Division squad 2023

The First Team

The faces of the Champions are here.

Anjan Bista
Arik Bista
Ananta Tamang
Robert Thompson

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