Football craze in Nepal

Football is widely played all over in Nepal. It is generally understood by all levels of people. Football craze is mostly seen in the village rather than in the city.

Jhapa Morang and Sunsari district in the east have more grass root culture. Sarlahi and Makwanpur play football. Rupendehi and Kaski in the west play football as well. Gold cup is organized all over Nepal. Its cash prize for the winner varies according to the tournament. Generally 100k to one million Npr of cash prize are given to the champion.

Most new African players come as trial and appear in the gold cup before they sign in a big club in Nepal.

Nepalese love sports and football and cricket mainly. In the capital city of Kathmandu, crowds come to cheer up the team when they play international tournaments.

Dashrath Stadium in Kathmandu is the largest football stadium in Nepal with a capacity of 15000 spectators. Dashrath stadium is located in the middle of the town and crowds prefer to attend during the evening in the flood light. 

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